Thursday, March 6, 2014

Garden Gawkers #11 - Do You Want To Swim In My Garden?

Let's take a dip in this lovely garden I toured in the SW Indiana Master Gardener's Tour.
I thought I had taken more pictures while I was there.
I can only say, I must have been too busy looking around and chatting!
The entire backyard is garden and pool.
But wow, both are wonderful.
 Seating areas were cozy surrounded by the blooms.
 What a wonderful place for the family to gather.
We really enjoyed this large baptisma!
It was huge and happy.
This gardener collects butterfly attracting plants and oodles of daylilies.
We just missed them blooming.... they were just about to open.
I would say this garden is a little piece of heaven.
Especially when you get too hot working in the garden...
and you can just jump in that pool!

There is more to come in this series... 
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