Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Garden Gawkers #10 - Fantastic Antique Door Repurposed For The Garden

 Okay, this might be one of my all time favorites.
Seriously, I just fell in love with this.
And I copied it for my garden.
The container at least... I grow Pigsqueak or Berginia.
I hope mine look as good as this in a year or two.
It is evergreen and blooms pink.
Very cool plant.
But this
 The entire garden was beautiful.
You can see more of it here and here.
 One thing I haven't mentioned is how beautiful all the pots and accents were.
This was a serious collection we all can envy.
I also loved that the garden was fenced to keep the critters away.
One more hydrangea... this garden was full of them and they had been planting more.
After my own heart, I swear.
So could you just walk thru this door and make yourself at home here?
I could... and I never even saw the inside of this house.
It was simply lovely.
I am so glad I got to show it to you!

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  1. This images with the garden door are amazing! If I had a yard I'd get a door to my enchanted garden like this one. I loved this post, thank you for sharing!
    I dropped by from Home and Garden Thursday. I also became your latest follower...hope you like to do the same.

  2. The garden door looks wonderful. I am pondering where I could put one in my garden. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali xx

  3. Stopping by from Katherine's Corner for the blog hop. I love this idea! I am in the midst of a very dreary winter here in Montana and this just cheered me up so much! I live in an apartment, so my gardening is limited to containers, but in the Spring my friend has the most amazing lilac bushes surrounding her yard. I spend as much time there as I can, just soaking up the ambiance. Cheers, Sue

  4. I just want to walk through that garden door and see what's beyond! Great pictures!

  5. What a wonderful idea!!
    I love it!
    You've inspired me! I have an old door stored in the basement that would make a wonderful garden door. I must get it out and get busy.
    It was a gorgeous.... almost 70 degrees here today. Hopefully that is a sign spring is here. I walked around the garden today and everything is still dead. Didn't see anything peeking out yet.
    Great post! and gorgeous photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am always looking for inspiration for my garden. This is so delightful and adds a lot of character. Everything looks so lush and healthy too!

  7. I cleaned more debre from my winter garden today. There was a late hard freeze that stopped the daffodils in their tracks and may have done the rosemary in completely. I'll have to wait and see...

  8. Oh I love this, what a fabulous idea. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. I have a couple of old screen doors that I want to do something with. I know my husband wont cooperate but I really want to put one up and use it like yours. Maybe not as a door but just to look cool. I am not sure about how to do it. Yours is a beautiful door too

  10. Hello Brooke, this is absolutely gorgeous - just love all the lush garden plants! I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  11. Hi Brooke, I love this idea of having a garden door. It's Beautiful! I'll be featuring you this week at Simple & Sweet Friday's. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. I love your garden. And I have those white garden spikes, the flur de lis...I bought some for our wedding 12 years ago.. I have painted them and used them in many ways.


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