Saturday, March 15, 2014

Adding A Bit of Color

I found this dark red floral print at a Thrift Store for $1 last week.
It is a curtain topper, but I put it on a tension rod to make a skirt for the bench.
I love the touch of red again in this area.
Plus it brings more blue into this room.
I added a garden themed sign to the birdcage.
And a garden tin to the lovely antique water basin.
The creamware is still on display, but I may work on this after Easter.
Another look toward the entry and the new plates on the wall I shared yesterday.
Lots of bunnies and eggs can be found.
As well as some vintage cards I will be showing you soon.
So what is behind the bench?
Mileys dog bed and all her toys.
She can hide under there and I can try to hide all her mess.
She LOVES her stuffed animals and ropes.
Spoiled, spoiled dog.

Thanks so much for visiting and your comments!

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  1. No coincidence that this is the second Pink Sat entry I click on and it's your page again. What a lovely home. LOVE the gorgeous piece your creamware is displayed on. Beautiful.
    Happy Pinks!


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