Monday, February 24, 2014

Quick, Fun Beaded Bracelets

Happy Monday dear readers!
I thought I would share a quick craft idea for all ages.
Fun slip on beaded bracelets.
 When was the last time you looked in the craft isle at the beads.
They are not what they use to be.
There is every style, shape and color.
And best of all... it is easy to make your own jewelry.
 Get a spool of stretch cord, I like the clear stuff the best.
But there is all kinds.
 Cut yourself a large section, at least 10 inches.
This way you have plenty to hold on to and tie at the end.
Make a good size knot on one end...
And start designing!
 Stagger the sizes of your beads... making the finished bracelet more interesting.
When you get quite a few on, start checking the size with your wrist.
 When you get the fit right, simply tie the ends together and cut off the excess string.
I love slip on bracelets the best.
Just grab and go... My girls have made these with me for years.
Plus you can remake vintage and yardsale pieces in something updated for you to love.

Have fun and come back soon!

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