Friday, February 21, 2014

Getting Teens To Help In The Kitchen...

Yep, here's my girls... all three.
Otherwise known as the "Kitchen Help".
Yes, I make the girls help me around the house... I know... I am so mean.
You can tell how mistreated they are.
Today's cook prep is little sister... shown with Punkie... he came in for some love.

Evenings this winter have been busy.
Little sis here has been in swim with practice most evenings.
That means when we get home everyone has to help.

One of the girls chores is chopping up things.
Teaching girls to use a knife is trying, scary and nerve wrecking.
But necessary.

But we are always looking for something quicker.
So.... that being said.... I want to tell you about something we have now.
I bought the Chop-Magic you might have seen on TV.
And we really like it.
No, this is not a paid post... I just wanted to show you something that actually works.
Just clean your veggies... today it is potatoes.
It is really easy to use... you just pick the size of your chopper.
I used the larger one... but there is a smaller one that makes hashbrown sized pieces.
It works best if you cut the potatoes in half.
And you just press down the top.
Quick and fun.
Kid tested... and approved.
Mom approved too... potatoes ready to use in just a couple minutes.
The kids think it is fun, and that is a big help in getting them to help out.
So now.... I just need to find a fun way to sweep....dust... take out the trash....
Lol... you get the picture.

Anyway, thought I would share something you might like to try too.
Have a great day....Brooke

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