Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY- Recycled T-Shirt into Vintage Style Pillow

Looking for something fun to do today?
Why not turn some of your shirts into pillows?
Why not right?
I love printed pillows with graphics and words on them.
But they can be plum pricey in the stores.
But if you are like me... some of what you wear might just match your house!
This t-shirt was a bit too short, but I liked the floral print on it.
I found an old stained pillow to recover.
And cut it to size trying to keep as much of the pattern as I could.
I used the front and back so it matches up.
And turned it inside out and made a simple pillow.
It is a fun cute idea.
But here is what I learned from this first one.
I want to sew in a zipper for the next one I make.
It will look more finished and be easier to close up the seams.
But this one is just for me, and I am fine with it.
But if I do end up selling them, I want them to be perfect.
Plus with the zipper I can change them out with the seasons.

So.... to sum it up.
Go thru your closets and hit the yard sales.
My cost was zip, but for a few dollars you could do your whole porch!
I will share more when I make them.

Happy Hunting....Brooke

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