Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bringing The Garden Indoors.... Or My House Looks Like A Garden Center!

Hello my dears from a thawing Indiana garden!
I can see the dirt again... the snow is almost gone.
I have decided my house looks like a Garden Center.
At the very least a Garden Themed Gift Store.
But I am good with that.
Actually, I love it.
It just thrills me that I live amongst the blooms.
Look at this sweet geranium blooming this week.
So precious.
I love all kinds of decor...but a garden home draws my heart.
Especially in these long winter months.
I find little treasures on the web and print them to add to old frames.
They can easily be changed out with the seasons.
It is definitely a collection... of what you be the judge.
I think my husband has pretty much given up his battle with me bringing home "junk".
Especially when I take him look for new furniture and he sees what everything costs!
We will be replacing our family room furniture soon.
I am kind of in sticker shock at what things cost.
It is not that I do not love the current things, I do.
But there is something special about old antique pieces.
They are never look dated, they stand the test of time.
Dusk, nicks....chipped paint are beauty... not flaws.
Just like my old library table, it needs refinished.... but I love the worn finish just as it is.
I'd like to think they are just like me and Old Scoob... we get prettier every day.... not older!
You might remember, but I made the "Antiques" sign.
The fun tutorial can be found HERE.

Okay, I am off to put on my mud boots and maybe cut back some roses!
That and enjoy some much needed outside time.
God bless and thanks for visiting....Brooke

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  1. No matter what it is, we should have the things we love around us. I loved antiques for years...then I had a change of style a few years ago. I still have a few olden pieces around, but not many.
    Here from Lavender Garden...


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