Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Second Look... Part Two

Okay, after sharing that post this morning I went right to work.
The rain they forecasted never came...
So I got a good garden day in.
In case you missed it, this is part two of this post...

So above is the before......

And here is the after!
Again....before... what a mess.
And after... still a mess, but much improved.
Another before... if you are counting there were 10 roses.
Three are completely out... and seven remain.
(For hubby to help me later.)
But for right now I think it looks a thousand times better.
I have it all hauled off and got out all the weeds from behind the air conditioner.
And at least 5 tree saplings trying to sneak in there.
See, I do have some evergreens!
And now you can actually see them.


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