Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Second Look At The Winter to Spring Landscape

The 2014 garden year has begun... at least for me.
When they say it is less than 30 days till Spring... it means I have got to get busy!
With a garden the size of mine it will take me 5-7 working days to get it cleaned up.
So as of yesterday... I have one day in.
Here is what it will look like soon.... but not yet.
I always start at the front walk... and it takes me all day to cut back the evergreens and roses.
It may still look a mess... but to me it looks so much better.

In this picture you can see my little magnolia is looking wonderful.
It is just a baby, but I have great plans for it to mature and be lovely.
I am so thankful it did well this winter.
But with the bones of the garden exposed... you can see the flaws.
One that bothers me a bit is how this tree leans.
It has been stacked up with bracing for years, but it still wants to lean.
Aside from that it is a healthy althea.
And when it is all in bloom you hardly notice it.
Same view yesterday... wow what a difference!
Here you can see I have evergreens scattered up the walk.
But they are still quite small.
And some are burnt looking from all the ice and cold.
(see the little one on the left by the rock)
I will try to do more today, it is near 70!
But storms are a brewing... and I hate severe weather.
The little metal accents are leaning.... 
I tried to straighten them up but the ground is still frozen.
I will try to do vines up them this year.
Can't wait!
Here is that this same are will look like in a couple months!
Okay lets talk about a few problems in my gardens....
This is my trouble spot.
What is suppose to be a lovely winter landscape is a mess.
Okay, I can see the possibilities when the arborvitaes grow and fill in...
But all winter it has been an eyesore.
This is the same are in bloom.
So I do not want to change the front of the border at all.
Just get it cleaned up, and I will soon.
My problem is I have really nice boxwoods, but you cannot see them for all the roses.
And as much as I love the roses, they are out of control.
Boxwoods need some sun or they die out... and mine are very near that.
Here is my problem.
I cannot get to them to care for them.
And weeds get so bad.  
Last summer I had pokeweeds behind the air conditioner
that can stain the house... and I could not get to them.
They are so thick and wicked.
So before it all grows in again...
I think I am going to get them out.
Then I can add more height to this area.
And hopefully it will look nice all year...
not just when the roses are blooming.
Here is my next dilemma... the rugosa roses did poorly last year.
They had blackspot and less blooms.
I am really tempted to remove them as well.
An evergreen in this are to cover the concrete is what I need.
I am thinking of rhododendrons.
I don't have any and they would be the right sizes.
Most of the year they are a big green blob.
They look fantastic when they bloom... but when they yellow and look sick.
Then it is 14 feet of sickly roses.
I don't know.. I will miss them... but I am tired of fighting them as well.
I guess I want easy, and spraying and cutting back these monster bushes is not.
Honestly, I have so many roses taking these out is nothing.
But I am going to ask hubby to help me do it.
Here you can kind of see my browning sickly roses...
They are not happy and I guess neither am I.

So am I a bad rosarian?
No, but I am practical.
And sometimes you have to fix what is broken.
And them plant something new and wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by... and Happy Gardening!

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