Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Whites - My Creamware Collection

It's gently snowing outside my window.
Nothing feels gentle about the cold wind though.
So I thought I would soften up the buffet with my creamware collection.
But some of my precious things are out now...
Antique scissors and my grandma's silver pill box...
Even my own baby shoes.
Nothing expensive here...
No big ticket items.
Just yard sale and thrift store finds over the years.
I love the soft curves... floral edgings.
And of course... antique lace is a given for my decor.
I just cannot get enough of the stuff.
The large lace piece is tattered and torn... but perfect.
I do not hide the imperfections.
I buy it because it looks loved.
The mirror behind adds to the effect.
The electric candle glows of an evening...
Making it look even more lovely.
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  1. What a pretty page! You always have the best ideas! Thank you for sharing this home decoration ideas.


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