Saturday, January 4, 2014

There's A Horse In The Rose Garden

This falls into the Country Life category of shares today!
And my garden friends will just die when the see this...
But there is a Horse in my Rose Garden.

And I asked to have him there.
It's sweet Reno.
And you might have noticed we have no barn yet.
We are building one in the Spring.
But that is weeks away and it is frightening cold.
So we made a make-shift stall with gates under the deck.
He will have protection and be out of the majority of the wind.
It is far from ideal, but it will do.
He was visiting at a neighbor's barn... 
But you might recall that he got out of their pasture 
and came home before Christmas.
So now it is easy for me to feed and water him.
This is the best I can do....
Because I don't think my husband would let me do this!

Take care and stay safe dear friends...
They say it could get to -13 here Monday.
The coldest in 20 years.

Did I tell you I hate cold weather?


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  1. Looks like a great idea to me...You do what you can! Does he have a blanket? We used to own 2 horses when my daughter was growing up, and they always had their blankets on in winter. Of course their hair grows thicker which also helps, so I'm sure he has a good layer of that. He looks pretty happy to be in that safe little spot. I'm sure it is better than in the fields where the wind is whipping!

  2. You are so resourceful. As you know they say "necessity is the mother of invention." Love the pic of the horse on the couch! may steal it....


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