Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Snowmen are Out ---- Gardening is In---- In My Farmhouse Kitchen

Taking down the holiday decor today.
I was going to wait and do this in February.
But then something about these 50 degree days makes me ready for Spring.
So I am hauling all my greenery and snowmen to the basement today.
I know we all do this.
But why does it take making every room in your house a mess to redo one room?
I have things strung everywhere.
It's normal.
I am really into collections this week.
So this is {just part} of my galvanized collection.
I love the patina and vintage charm.
Little things I have collected {horded} over the years.
This is pretty simplified for me!
I may add some ivy between the watering cans.
Do you see Scoob?
I didn't even realize he was in the shot till after I had edited them!
He's chillin on the couch.
The little sideboard is part of a hutch.
I took the top off and repainted it a while back.
I really love the smudgy green-brown look.
The wall shelf a friend made for us right after we built the house.
It was one of my first additions to the kitchen.
I am in love with this color.
I think I have green in every room.
That and reds.
Simple little garden angel and goose.
She was another gift from a friend.
My house is beginning to look like my garden...{again}
That is a good thing in my book.
So long snowmen... will not look for you again too soon.
Now march yourselves down to the basement.
Don't I wish!

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  1. Brooke, you have some wonderful collections!! I finally got my outside Christmas decor down today after I realized it was not going to snow at all this year, so no Christmas snow photos. We might get some tomorrow. This weather is crazy, and I am missing summer too:-)


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