Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Blessings of 2013...

Welcome 2014... As I get older the New Year is just another cold winter day.  I have wasted too much time making promises in the past to forgo them come late January.  But when I turned 40 last year something clicked in me.  I made quite a few personal changes and have kept them--- thank you very much.  Most of what I am talking about is my total changing of my eating and exercise habits.  As of today I am down over 50 pounds.  {I will not lie, I am up a bit since the holidays are here.}  But determined I remain and I now have the dedication and tools to keep right on going in 2014.  

I have to tell you, this is the best thing I have done, almost ever.  {With the exception of having kids and marrying my husband.}  I truly am a new woman.  I am not rocking it like a supermodel, but I feel so much better, healthier, happier.  I am still the same Brooke, just with more energy.  And less pain.  If you are on the fence and can relate to something I have shared.... just do it.  Not because it is New Years Day.  Do it for yourself.  Your kids.  Your Health.  Your Happiness.

I wish life wasn't about the numbers.  You know the ones I am talking about---- Age... Income $$$... the size jeans you wear.  But dang it, somehow it kind of is.  {It weighs on your mind.}  It bothers us.  We say it doesn't, but it does.  I have broken free of that this year.  My weight is not where I want it to be, but it is soooo much better than last year I can almost cry.  I feel that emotional about it.  Honestly.  I feel free... proud.... I don't know.  It's hard to explain.

My only regret is that I waited so long.  But I am reminded every day is a new chance.  A gift... use it to your hearts desire.  But don't just make a resolution.  Make a genuine promise to yourself.  For me it was this feeling that something clicked.  I said I am not going back there again.  And everyday since I have taken the steps to walk away from the feelings of not living up to my potential.  That is kind of what it added up to.  I just felt like I was not living up to my real self.  I am now... well... mostly.

I have to tell you.  It is kind of fun.  The attention I mean.  The sharing of how much you have lost.  Before and after pictures.  Congratulations and such.  But that is fleeting.  The true work is the follow thru.  I will send my hubby and the kids back to work tomorrow and have to go down to the cold basement and MAKE MYSELF stay down there for over an hour.  I will do three 20 minute laps on my elliptical.  In between each I do crunches and arm weights.  That and a few exercises like sit-ups and  squats has been my winter routine.  Not that I have done that every day.  The holidays have been a kink in my routine... but we have 12 more weeks of winter.  What else to I have to do right?  

But my favorite thing is walking.  I was up to 4-6 miles a day this fall.  I loved being outside with my dog Miley.  Most of the time I walked an hour and a half of a morning and then 30 minutes after supper.  

In October I bought my horse Reno and spent much of my free time with him.  I added horseback riding as my exercise and cut back my walking.  Now it is way too cold (for me) to ride.  So I am looking so much more forward to Spring and getting outside.  Don't get me wrong, carrying water and hay is quite a winter workout... but all worth it in my book.  That is another dream come true this year.  I waited 22 years to have a horse again.  It filled an empty place in my heart.  Once a horse girl, always a horse person.  It never gets out of your blood.  Now I have two daughters who are as crazy as I am.

But all this dedication meant something had to give in my life.  I will not sugar coat it.  I am talking 2-3 hours a day between exercise...meals...ect.  For me it was my gardening that got cut way back.  I will admit I probably spent way more time out there that I should have.  But it seemed I could never get caught up this fall.  But you know what... it hasn't hurt it a bit. My roses still bloomed... whether the were dead-headed or not.  And the garden has a lush full look.  Weeds can be good fillers it seems....  just kidding.  Sort of.

For most of the year my posts were scarce.  I thought about blogging, but getting the time to put those thoughts together escaped me.  I also ran out of time for reading my favorite friends sites as well.  I realized I could now do everything... anymore.  And then I simply decided to plunge.  I cut out the filler of my online life.  I stopped reading hundreds of feeds.  I now only follow whom I truly love.  They are people just like me.  I can recognize their living room... their dogs.. their garden... even their kids.  That is what I am surrounding myself with now.  I know I can never spend 20K on a couch... so I don't read anything like that.  I look for blogs like my own...  That is what inspires me.

Once I let go of that baggage I looked for more opportunities to share in other, new places.  I have always been a Facebook gal.  I wish I could tell you to Tweet with me or Instagram.  But honestly... who has the time?  But I do Facebook...  Some of my best decisions this year was joining some decorating groups.  I just fell in love with some of these sites.  No professionals here by any-means... just people like us sharing what they enjoy.  I am just members of these, no affiliation or anything... but here is some of my favorites for you to maybe join.

Okay since I listed these....  I have to mention my own Facebook page hit over 7,500 likes this year!  
Please I you have not done so, join me at WebGarden!

Okay... now that is out of the way!  Lol...  
I have to be honest and add one more blessing to 2013.

I try to end every post with the phrase "Take my life and let it be... A Living Prayer My God To Thee".
I truly am thankful for my faith and Church family.  To be able to share my life with others who inspire me so much.  Who love my family and share our joys and keep us in their prayers.  This summer we unfortunately took our faith to the test.  My sweet Momma became seriously ill in August of this past year.  We spent 24 hours in a touch and go critical care room.  God was definitely watching over us.  I think I aged ten years in ten days.  But I am thankful every day that he protected her, and healed her..... so she can be here as Mamaw for as long as she can.  My parents are a huge blessing in my life.  Even if they did abandon me for Florida... lol.

Lastly, thanks so much for reading my post.  Sharing a smile.  Leaving a comment or a like or two.  Saying hello and staying dear friends.  I pray you will be blessed beyond measure in the coming year.  And most of all... I pray you are able to count your blessings like I do every day.

Happy New Year Dear Readers!
All my love....Brooke

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  1. Yours is the first post I've read in the New Year, and I couldn't have picked a better one! Thanks for that boost of inspiration and motivation, and the reminder to have my life reflect my priorities.

  2. What a wonderful new year post. A celebration of blessings. love it! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  3. A great post! I am glad to have read it at the start of my year :) May we strive to be healthy & do the things we love & enjoy. You look beautiful, happy and enjoying life. May 2014 hold more of the same for you! I visited from Thurs. Favorite Things this morning.


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