Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Rusty, Crusty, Patina'd GOODNESS in my Country Kitchen...

Hi there my dears...
It's one of those days...
Those "I have to do something.." day.
Nervous energy... Winter Humm-Drumms?
Okay, this is normal for me...
But I am fiddling again with the kitchen.
Taking down Christmas is always a bit rough.
Everything is out of whack.
A little off... or plain. Or something.
I am the queen of collecting "smalls".
Little trinkets of vintage goodness...
But even for me, this is a bit much.
It is a throw everything up there and it will look interesting moments.
I love the pottery, but it is a bit.... much.
So here is my after... Look----Symmetry!!
Wow, that is a good thing folks.
 I have to admit, this was kind of an accident.
I drug these antique oil and gas cans up from the basement to post on a site to sell today.
And then I took a good look at them and decided they were keepers.
Well for a bit longer...
But I love the way they add more metal to the wide view into the kitchen.
I have quite the collection going friends...
But that is part of the fun...
I try to switch things out and not have everything "good" kept in boxes.
Not that I have much invested... most of this is yard sale loot.
Darling huh?
This is a reproduction, but still so sweet.
I kind of have a stitched signs theme going as well.
But I love them... and may make a few this winter.... It's on my to-do list.
Almost all of these metal goodies use to be on the front porch with it was more country themed.
I brought them inside so they were not damaged by more rust.
Now I have plants in some, but most are just display.
This water jug is probably my favorite.
Yes, I still have a tree up... but it is just country stuff.
I love the soft white lights in the wintertime... who am I kidding.. All YEAR!
And of course... it sets in another metal tub... with burlap!
All this vignette is on my old buggy seat...
I will pull it out one days and show you the decal on the back.
It is wonderful.
But a toe breaker... many a fit from my husband when he hits it in the dark.
It sticks out... but I love it.
This is my too bright kitchen light.
When they are all on it is blinding.
I have many ideas on what to replace it with.
Trying to sell my husband on a rusty vintage shade I found a few years ago.
He has not gave in yet...  ;)
And finally, my old highchair.
No, my kids did not use it, nor was it mine as a child.
My kids had an ugly plastic one.
But I saw this unloaded at a thrift show and traded some of my jewelry for it.
I love it... and it mostly holds plants... 
but someday... in the very...very...very distant future....
One last thing... a reader wanted to see the clock close up... it is so cute.
Do you even remember what we started out talking about?
Oh yeah... I hope you like my gas cans in the kitchen...
I will show your comments about how you love it to my husband...
As he looks at me like... "You think those are PRETTY?"
Yes, yes I do...

Love to all....Brooke

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  1. I love your home Brooke, but I have to say I like the amber glass and basket best. Thanks for sharing your home with us. It's lovely.

  2. Well, I think your gas cans look just perfect, along with all your other galvanized tin lovelies. That highchair brings back memories of when my kids were little. :)

  3. I love your use of color and wood. I love the plaid wall against the green bead-board. Your accessories are perfect for this English country look!

  4. I had to show my husband that other people put rusty yard tools and buckets in their kitchens just like I do! Love all the goodies you have displayed. Great photography!

  5. Love all the rusty yumminess! Thanks for sharing

  6. Love all of your metal cans and especially that green shelf. Your kitchen looks great.
    Have a great weekend,

  7. Love all of your collectibles, right up my alley indeed.
    Visiting from Common Ground today.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love your kitchen, especially the greens and browns! Stopping by from Lavender Garden Cottage!

  9. Your kitchen is beautiful and full of so many treasures! Thanx for sharing at THT.

  10. oh, I'm partial to those wonderful watering cans!!

  11. Hi....I am in LOVE with your decorating style. Crazy for old cans and pots.....I have a love of country! Going to go back and see more!!

  12. Tell him it's better to put the on the wall and on cabinets than to have a pile of them waiting to be put up. I love those gas cans and such that you're using to decorate. Looks kinda like a potting shed and gives a spring feel to the room.

  13. I have this love affair with little shelves. I always want to buy every single one I ever see. I love yours! Love the beadboard backing --- always a nice touch. Also, your pie safe is so pretty! My mom has one and I've always liked it a lot. I can never find one in the right condition, size, or color in my area, plus I tend to buy antique white stepback cabinets. Love seeing your home!


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