Saturday, January 25, 2014

In Case You Missed It - Mid to Late April 2013

April is a great time in the garden....
So great it required to post to look back...
It you missed the first part...
You Can Find It Here.

The first post we remember is called
"Our Last Cold Day Maybe"
Gosh, it would be nice to say that!

It featured my Flowering Almond Shrub.

And Mohawk Viburnum...
I can't wait for that smell!

The next post is part of my favorite flowers series.
This one was about Carol Mackie Daphne Shrub.

The next post was called "Before They Are All Gone..."

And you saw more of the Bridal Wreath Spirea Shrub.

And some Jane Magnolia blooms.

Then another post in my Favorite Flower Series.
This one was about the Double-Red Flowering Peach Tree.
Wow... look at those blooms!

Finally my last post of April featured the front gardens.

And my pretty little Redbud Trees.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this little bit of Spring!
I am now even more ready for it to warm up!
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  1. Brooke I wish I had a garden of your size, beautiful!!! No cold and wintery conditions overhere can't wait untill it is springtime, for me the most wonderful season of the year.
    Have a wonderful day.


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