Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fun, Quick, Easy Painted "Antiques" Sign Tutorial

Okay, this is not a fancy painted sign project.
But it is easy.
And I wanted to make a sign to get shoppers attention at upcoming flea markets and yard sale days.
Tell me.... just how quick could you go from 60 to stop when you see this sign?
Lol... maybe we should keep that to ourselves.

Best thing of all... free.

In  all it took me an hour, most of that was dry times.
 1. Steal some wood from your husbands scraps.
Or be like me and have your own pile of boards hoarded in the basement.
And kind of wood, free is best.
 2. Paint with craft paint... leftover paint from your living room.
Steal from your kids craft box... whatever.
3. Let dry... good time to check whats on Facebook.
 4. Find a small tip brush and free hand your letters.
Practice on last nights pizza box or your kids cereal boxes.
They just love to reach into the cabinet and see mom has been drawing on them.
But it is a good solid surface to get the feel of your letters.
And it's fun to make them wonder about you.
 5. Once the letters are dry.... line them with a gold marker.
Or not... I just wanted dimension.
Notice, I am not always perfect here... it is suppose to look old.
Yeah, lets go with that.
 6.  Now is the fun part... get a paper towel and dab a tiny bit of a new color on it and RUB!
Streak... smear... lightly add some here and there.
I used a lighter tan and dark brown.
 7.  Make sure to do this to the sides too.
Let dry... check back in on Facebook.
 8.  Now, this is the fun step... sand it like crazy.
I just had cheap sandpaper.
Used my fingers... nothing fancy.
Scared Miley my dog to death.
{Work out your aggression.}
What fun... it will tone it down a bit.
See... no more bright letters.
 9.  My last step is my trade secret.
Okay, I have told my readers before.
But I seal everything I paint like this with brown shoe polish.
Yep, just plain ole dark wax shoe polish.
 10.  But it brings the glow back and makes it feel nice to the touch.
I have done this with furniture too.
Try it on a small corner... but I think you will like it.
So here is my sign... 
Don't know if I will hang it or what.
For now I will just look forward to the next Yard Sale!
Come one... come all!

Oh one last thing.
This was on TV the other day.
The Frontier Alaska show I love...

"Spring has Sprung...
Fall has Fell...
It's Winter now...
And cold as H#ll!"

Yep, sounds right to me.

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