Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Warm, Welcoming Front Entry...

Emphasis on the warm part!

Welcome to our country home...
Today I am sharing an area that I'm not sure I have ever shown you.
At least this much...
Our stairs and front entry area.
Our house makes a big figure eight...
So this room is by my office/dining room.
And the living room is the other direction.
The second story is our loft.
I am using it as a craft and sewing room recently.
I will share that with you soon!
I love our spindles... they are Amish made.
It was hard to pick out a style.
But I am glad we went classic and they are SOLID!
Really well made.
So lets take a closer look at my tabletop.
These candlesticks are one of my favorites.
I added some burlap ribbon the the candles and a tassel.
The lamp need some height... so it is now on a wood cigar box.
My mom made the doily years ago.
Burlap is my thing lately... so I made some burlap roses to enjoy.
The lace and the burlap give it a more casual feel now.
It can easily be too formal.
So I am adding more vintage as I can.
This photo inspired it all.
I had been looking for the right place to display it.
It is so precious.
The dresser has been in almost every room.
But I love it here.
It can get lost in busy areas.
Here you can enjoy its lovely arched legs and simple style.
It is very old, very well built.
The entry is always home to houseplants.
I love these planters.
They have such pretty designs.
Don't mind the dust!
My camera is really good at finding dirt....lol.
This big guy was a gift from a garden friend.
It looked pretty rough this fall, but it is getting new growth and looks happy.
I am lucky to have lots of natural light for plants.
And this area is good with the tile in case of spills.
I wish they are were real... but it would be a chore watering the ledges!
I am always amazed how some people either love or hate wallpaper.
This spot of red was just what I wanted for the entry.
The rug was one from our previous home.
I am just lucky it matches so well. 
Thanks so much for stopping by today!
And of course this post would never have been possible without my helper!

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  1. Beautiful! The dresser and vintage touches are perfect with more traditional decor. I think your wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous! Jane

  2. You're home is certainly welcoming and looks beautiful, too! I love the way your staircase curves.. So dramatic! Thanks for showing us around. I feel as though I just stepped in:)

  3. looks great! and it does look warm and cozy! I dont have an entry way. you come in on our enclosed porch and then straight into the living room. I would love to have a nice foyer! oh well. such is lilfe! lol
    stay warm!!!

  4. Beautiful ... I love the wallpaper.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. Hello,, Your dresser is so pretty, I have a very old one that belonged to my Grandparents, the stories they could tell us! I also think the lace and burlap is a perfect touch. Also the area rug is warm and rich! Those spindles are a work of art, and will last longer then so many things made in China.
    I enjoyed your lovely entry!
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. I love that dresser there too. Great look!


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