Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Wonderland....

Welcome to Southern Indiana...
We now have almost a foot of snow...
This is our 4th snow day and the kids and I 
are in day 6 of being cooped up inside.
The farthest I get is going to feed the horses!
I hope they go back to school tomorrow with a 2 hr delay.
I need to get to town before we get the freezing rain this weekend.
I am not a cold weather person... but it is pretty to look at.
Here is the views from the house.
I just went around to all the windows for you!

I think it is a bit too cold to sit on the swing this

Its a warm 16 degrees as I type this!
Keep Warm Folks....Brooke

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  1. I too hate the cold but at least you have some pretty pictures outside your windows! Where I live it just gets cold. I would so love to have a white Christmas but I don't think that will ever happen when it's summer here! take care, Maryann


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