Monday, December 9, 2013


Indiana is blanketed with about 9 inches of snow in our neck of the woods.
We have kept power and did not get the ice others have...
Thought you might like to see what has been going on out here in the country these past few days.

Ivy kitty enjoying some luvins.... She is so pretty.

Little sister and Miley were brave enough to play outside!

Sweet hubby making me a road to go feed Reno and get out!

The 12 Canadian Geese I watched all afternoon yesterday.
Pic taken from the house... of course!

Morgan and my Miley girl... are warmed up.

What has Mom been up to???
Cookin...Cleaning... and a bit of time snuggled up by the fire.
This gal doesn't do cold!
Thanks for stopping by....Brooke

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