Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Soft Romantic Vintage-Inspired Master Bedroom

Welcome Friends!
Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon tinkering in our bedroom.
Adding greenery and more lace... and a tree of course!
And as you can see... I haven't swept in her yet!
Oh well... life goes on.
But my little dumpster-dive tree with the silver tinsel is so sweet.
Made the ornaments from old cards, vintage eggs and lace.
Our headboard is two very old doors.
Love the brass fittings!
This vintage beaded purse I carried for our wedding 15 years ago. 
Our engagement photo... look how young we were!
I made this from a vintage collar... handmade and found at an estate sale.
View from the doorway...
Another lampshade I covered with laceworks.
A favorite vintage tea-towel... too pretty to use.
A pillow from a handkerchief my mom made for a few years ago.
I just love it.
Another handkerchief.... I buy all these I can find.
The tablecloth is so sweet and more lace of course.
A third lampshade I covered in lace, love the soft colors.
More lace added to our drapes.
The lace curtain hides the satellite, stereo...dvd... 
My grandma's table chandelier.
I have never seen another one like it.
It is just beautiful... and weighs a ton!
The crystals throw light all around the bedroom. 
Keeping the bedding simple.
My husband hates throw pillows...
I can give him that
Our wedding picture by the bed....
So you understand why I love to come up here and snuggle in on a cold winter night.
I turn the fireplace and my electric blanket on and you won't hear a peep from me....
It's a wonder I get anything done really!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
I am off to run the sweeper now.... Really... I am!
PS---  I think I have a Blogger issue.
My pics look blurry.... and I think it is after they are loaded.
Any suggestions for a fix... let me know.
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  1. This is beautiful Brooke. I love the creative headboard.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. What a lovely sanctuary you have created! I adore the bedstead you created out of the double doors. Also greatly admire the hand-crocheted items around the room, and the pure romantic touch of the lace-covered lamp shades. Your electric fireplace has a very realistic looking "fire" to my eyes. I wouldn't want to leave such a room either. Visiting from

  3. Your room is so romantic and lovely! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  4. Wow this is so beautifully done! Thank you so much for sharing at One More Time Events…Tammy

  5. Beautiful and so creative! Love your vintage furniture. The doors look amazing!

  6. Stopping by to let you know you have been featured over at One More Time Events…Thank you for sharing. Hope you can make it again this week! Tammy

  7. Your hand sewn linens are beautiful. I love the way you put it all together for a beautiful theme.
    It is sooo cozy.


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