Monday, December 30, 2013

It's Officially Snowmen Season!

Hello there!  Welcome back to our Country Kitchen!!
Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my last kitchen post....
It thought you might like a closer look at all my sweet snowmen.
I've been collecting them for years.
I love the handmade ones... these are not by me...
But very talented others!
But I did make the scrappy fabric bows... love the country touches!
Grapevine adds a rustic accent... love this stuff!
And felted ones... I so want to make these some year.
Hand-painted, so precious.
And a few gifts from dear friends over the years.
Another felted one, I think I love these the most.
I will keep the snowmen up for about six more weeks.
Or until the Spring Bunnies pop up in the Kitchen!
I do enjoy the warm lights in this kitchen tree on the cold winter days.
I have had this tree up for a year now... I just change it from a garden theme... 
To Bunnies and Birdhouse.... Then Fall leaves.... and the Snowmen of course!

Here are a few shots from last years winter theme....

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  1. My kitchen is filled with snowmen too! I just posted a snowman table too! happy New year!


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