Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tutorial----Adjustable Scarf Necklaces!

So I saw this at a Christmas Stroll last weekend.
And it took me all of two seconds to decide I wanted one.
And that I could make it.

Here is the idea.
Say you like scarves, but are one of those that 
can never make them lay right.
Or you don't like a bunch of fluff at your face.
You need a scarf necklace.

See it can hang like a necklace....

Or you can move the small bunched up roll of fabric.
So it can fit under a collar of stay down away from your face.

I personally like it bunched at the bottom.
It really does lay like a necklace.

I see me making a bunch of these.
So here is the general idea...

Mine is about 24" long.  So I cut the length to 26".
And I made the the scarf 14" wide.
Iron it folded in half long ways with a 1/2 inch seam.
Turn inside out and iron again.

Then cut a small piece about 3 inches by 14-16 inches.
Iron it long ways like the first.
But this time finish the seam on each end before sewing.
Sew it long ways, then turn inside out.

Now pull your small tube of fabric thru one end of your scarf.
Match ends and sew the scarf together to make it an infinity.
Push the bunched fabric down to cover your seam.

Easy, peasy!

So here is another one I did with a cotton blend fabric.
This time I added some large beads to each end.
I am in love with this pattern.
So here you can see the tight end is at the neck....
And here it is gathered as a necklace at the bottom.

I think the beads really add to it.
Now I need to go find more goodies to work with.

The lady was selling these from $12-20 each.
So I think you need to make a few for you...
and a few for under the tree!

Have a Homemade Christmas Folks!


  1. I think I just found a Christmas present to make. Thanks!

  2. I think I just found a Christmas present to make. Thanks!


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