Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Beauty Out My Back Door....

This week the sunrises have just been wonderful here at the lake.
I love it when the colors just glow in the fall.
Reno is very curious what I am up to.
But I wanted to show you how pretty it is in our backyard this week.
And of course, some shots of the boys is nice too.
The colors are fading fast.  Enjoy them while the last I'm afraid.
Is there anything prettier than a horse and a lake?  Lol...
The view from our deck.
Okay, I gotta get off here.
I am meeting a friend to get some new houseplants!
Someone is getting rid of over 50 plants.
We need a truck to haul them all...
How cool is that?
I'll post my goodies later to share.


  1. Beautiful country views! Nothing like fall!

  2. It's a very majestic view indeed! The colors and elements make the entire look more dramatic and effective. Your house isn't too shabby as well! The color of your siding and roof complements the wonderful sunlight. Thanks for sharing!

    Maricela Milum @ Home Craft Inc


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