Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Simple Changes, Big Differences...

This week has been all about the windows....
We added simple roll-up matchstick blinds to four of our downstairs windows.
They were good quality, on sale for $25 each.
I had went back and forth from adding 2" wood blinds...
But they were 3 times more money.. 
and I was afraid they would always be dusty looking.

So I am happy with these.  Hubby cut them to size for me.
So they look perfect.

Today I made the flat toppers from one of my curtain panels I already had.
I just love this plaid print.  
It has every color I use in our home in it!
I had taken some heavy drapes down this summer and had put up lace until I figured out what I wanted to do.  So this is the before....
And here is the after....
I love the clean look of seeing the woodwork.
They give me some sun protection, but you can still see outside.
They are very dark, I love the contrast with the white.
Next project... wood floors... I hope!

Okay, now to clean up my mess before the hubby comes home from work!
Thanks for visiting....Brooke

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