Friday, November 22, 2013

Recycled Blinds in the Kitchen and Miley Turns Two...

Before we dive into Christmas....
I want to show you the "new-to-me" blinds on my patio doors.
These were my Aunts and they had been in my basement for years.
She used them in her last home.
I wasn't sure how I wanted to hang them...
But love how they look now.
They add a bit of light control, but you can still see the lake.
For one of my next projects, I am going to paint these doors.
I think I will do a taupe similar to the material on the blinds.
They have never been painted, and are hard to keep clean.
The top of one of the blinds was ripped a bit...
So I sewed two panels with the material that matches my wallpaper.
I added the little star for now... can take it off later if I want to change things.
Anyway, I am really happy with the overall look.
Total Cost= Free
Love that!
Today is my sweet Miley's 2nd Birthday....
Doggie party all day at the Kroeger House.
She is such a good girl.
I am crazy about my dog, if you can't tell!

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