Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gone Thrifting!~ Found a new Favorite Place in my own Backyard!~

First off!  Hello there.... it's been a bit again hasn't it?
Best of intentions you know!
But the site has been on my mind... 
and as you can see.... 
it's had a bit of a makeover too!
I love the fun new look.
Okay, I have had these pics for almost two weeks.
What was my hold up? 

I cannot find the name of this place!

It is on Old Indiana Hwy 64 near English Indiana.
That is as good as I can tell you.
Hopefully a reader will help me out.
The sign looks like "MidWay" or "Midwest".
Anyways.... it is about an hour and a half from home.
It is very artsy and over the top cute things outside.
I love this kind of stuff, but don't really have anything like this.
But it was done very well, and I could see it becoming addictive to collect.
Like I need to start a new collection of ANYTHING!
But this is where my heart started to flutter...
Oooohhhhh.... so many choices....
I fell in love with this blue one... I am still in a big blue phase in the garden.
And these would be perfect on my deck!
I'll take them all... who am I kidding?

Okay, all my Christmas decorating is pretty much done.
I am holding out till after Turkey day to share.
I may end up redoing everything by then!
Lol...Thanks for stopping by....Brooke

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  1. Oh my goodness, my kids would kill me if I even tried to go into that place! It looks FABULOUS! Love the chicken! Found you thru Katherine's Favorite Things Linky Party :)


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