Thursday, October 31, 2013

~~~Two New Vintage Pictures~~~

Happy Rainy Halloween Dear Readers!

It is grey, wet and cold.
So I have lit my candles and snuggled in for the day I think.
The house is clean incase we get any visitors tonight.
But I doubt it, we are way out in the country.
And they are saying we could get strong storms later.

I am popping in to show you some new goodies I have found recently.
First, this is where the big armoire ended up.
It has computer stuff in it now, along with my crafts aka junk.

My next big project is new curtains for in here.
I hope to work on that next week.

Okay, can't wait to show you these...
Isn't this sweet?
I love vintage prints... especially with two little girls!
I also love the sewing them of this piece. 
My mom loves it too, its one of her favorites now.
I got it at a yard sale from a friend.
I like the oval and how it bubbles out with the framing.
It is pretty good sized 22 by 18 inches.
But this is one I am just thrilled with!
I have had my eye on this piece for over a year at a local vintage shop.
It had been well over $100 for a long time.
I must have looked at it four or five times and thought...
It is a bit too pricey for me.
But these faces.  What a beautiful couple.
I would love to know the history.
They had to be affluent to afford such a photograph in those lovely clothes.
And the frame is beautiful.
It is a huge piece!  31 by 27 inches!!
And VERY heavy.
So as luck would have it I threw out a number and they took it!
I got this beautiful piece for under $40!

I am one happy girl.
I think they need names... what do you think?
Okay folks... don't eat too much candy...
Save some for your kiddos!

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