Thursday, October 31, 2013

Light your way home... Tis the Season!

Is there anything more welcoming than a warm glow from the windows?
 Today I added my little welcome lights to the downstairs windows.
Warm white lights glowing... so perfect on a cold rainy day.
I dread the cold, but this is one perk of this time of year I guess!
But I do love the idea of keeping a light in the windows for a safe return.
Very romantic and sweet.
Plus, it looks so nice the my farmhouse.
So come on in... 
I have the candle burning in the entry and the fireplace on as well!
Happy Halloween (again)
I know... two posts in one day... WOW!

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  1. Hi Brooke… I know I haven't commented in a long time but thought I'd give it a try. Our internet here is from the dark ages and so frustrating! Some involved sites don't seem to come up very well and then it can be impossible to leave a comment… I get quite disturbed as at times I've tested our speed and it's registered .9 mbps… unreal. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your place is looking wonderful! You do a great job!
    We are finally getting wonderful fall rains and the color has changed immensely today… I was about to give up on fall color!
    Take care, Larry


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