Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer Has Not Left Us Yet...

Welcome friends and neighbors to our little place in the country!
Today we are looking at the butterfly garden overlooking the backyard and lake.
This has been a beautiful summer here at the lake.
My color is holding on... saying it is not quite fall yet!
A few daylilies and hydrangeas are reblooming.
And the late crepe myrtles are in full bloom.
I have been cutting back and cleaning up quite a bit.
And yesterday started cuttings of hydrangeas, weigelas, boxwoods and  other evergreens.
I just removed the lower leaves and poked them into some of my existing planters.
I will just leave them alone and let them winter outside under the deck.
I may get lucky and have a few free shrubs come next year!
I have been doing this for years, September is a good time to try them.
Just snip away... Good Luck!

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