Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Views of the Backyard...

Hello dear friends!
It has been nothing short of beautiful here in Indiana this week.
Perfect weather to work in the garden.
I have been dividing and moving things like crazy.
But wanted to share some views of the lakes and our backyard.
The fall grasses and blooms are so pretty.

Something about the light this time of year is magical.
This is the view from our elevated deck looking over the rose garden area.
Here you can see my rocks at the firepit... 
My evergreens are getting much bigger this year.
Hubby planted all those beside the road from seedlings coming up in the woods.
They will eventually be a windbreak and 
add a bit more privacy to our swimming area at the dock.
Hoping we have more winter interest and protection for the birds this year.
I am still adding evergreens like crazy.
I hate it when the garden looks drab in the long winters.
Tomorrow we'll see more of this area, I promise!

Brooke Berry Kroeger writes at the Creative Country Mom blog. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She is an avid gardener and grows a cottage-style free flowering “mass of color” landscape. She also does a video series called “Notes From A Country Garden” on YouTube. Brooke is also the owner of a large garden site on Facebook called “WebGarden” with over 5000 members. She loves to talk about gardening and often lectures at area Gardening Events and Clubs.

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