Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's Take A Walk!

Good Morning!
The sun's coming up...
The kids are off to school...
Let's take walk down our country road to the highway and back!
Are you ready?
Miley sure is!
We live about 3/4 of a mile off the highway..
Thru a wooded area that has only a few houses.
Mostly just open fields that are growing into woodlands.
One of my delights when we bought out here 9 years ago was all the wildflowers!
They just pop up in the most perfect places...
Definitely God's Garden!
Complete with lots of little critters to see.
This guy was out this morning... yesterday I saw the most beautiful turtle.
And last night I was 20 feet from a baby deer!
It was magical...  Of course, I did not have my camera with me then.
The Queen Anne's Lace has been blooming all summer.
I know they are a weed... but they are so pretty to photograph.
I have a love/hate... make the despise... relationship with wild thistle.
But it is a beautiful flower.. when it is not in my gardens!
These I call Sundrops... but they are everywhere out here.
We've made it to the highway.. lets go back towards home!
I know it's a weed.. but I love anything white!
Same here, isn't Nature beautiful?
This is my favorite tree... You cannot see how big it is... 
She looks like Mother Willow in the Pocahontas movie!
Great place to stop and enjoy a break in the shade.
Were not done yet!
We have to go back UP that big hill...
This will get your heart rate going!
Don't worry, today we will stop and see the red berries.
See we are almost to the top...
It's a half mile hill!
This is why I can wear those new skinny jeans folks...
I can almost see the house now... 
It's all downhill from here!
Home Sweet Home!

I hope you enjoyed our little nature walk this morning.
That was a mile and a half...
Come on... you can go with me...
I will do it two more times before I'm done!
Lol... I have been walking about 4.5 miles a day this week.
Last week I did 20 miles.

My update is about the same... still around -45 pounds.
I am happy with that considering this has been a crazy month with Mom in the hospital.
She is doing much better, thanks for all your notes and prayers!

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