Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Short Hair and a Diet Update...

It's a girl thing... that is all I can say... I took the plunge and got about 5 inches cut off my hair this week.
Here is a before... It was just too hot... too much... 
and I was sick of always having clips and ties in it.
I have to laugh at the pictures at the top of this post. 
 I have not mastered the self photo.... lol.  
That must be a teen-girl thing.  
My kids take any pics of me.  And then I delete 99% of them.  
But anyway, it is short... and I love it.  
I can garden and workout and not have to worry about it.  
It grows so fast, who know how long I will keep it this way... 
but since it is in the 90's and HUMID... this is perfect.

So about the diet journey.... I have an update.  
Went to the appointment with my new personal trainer last week. 
She did all my bloodwork and it was all good.  
I am glad, I had no idea really. 
 Sugar, cholesterol...everything was normal. 
 I weighed a pound less there than at home, that is good to know.  
She measured every square inch of me... really... 
it took like 30 minutes with the fat pincher... lol.  
I don't know what they call that thing they measure with.. but uuugh... not my favorite.  
Then she did a stress test of exercises to see my ability.

Crunches, which I already do... 
pushups... they suck... but I did okay... will work on that...  
and then they had a platform step about 12 inches tall, 
higher than a normal step and you did that as fast as you can for 3 minutes.  
I thought "I can do this no problem!" I do an hour on the elliptical, this will be easy... NOT!  
90 seconds on the left leg and 90 on the right and my heart was RACING.  
But I finished strong and she saw how long it took my heartrate to go back to normal.  
Wow, that really surprised me.

So what did I do?
I took apart an old ottoman and now I have a step too at home... 
been doing it every day.  
Wow was my calves sore after the first day... but I have been doing 100 steps per leg since.  
Still walking, but it is so darn hot.  
Swimming is nice, but I don't think I have been burning the calories I need to.

Hubby is off work this week
 and we have been snacking and eating bigger meals than normal.  
With the girls home it seems I am always in the kitchen.  
My salads for supper have been on hold.  
And with that I am up about 2 pounds. 
 But I know I will get it back off next week when he goes back to work.

Saturday will be the 20th and it is my 6 month mark.  
I will be near to 45 pounds gone in 180 days.  
That is awesome in my book.  
I do not see it as a race.  
I am just living every day as healthy as I can.  
There have been days I have not been able to exercise and eat right.  
But they are few and far between. 
 I am giving myself 18 months, 2 years if I need to.  
But right now I am just happy with my knee and legs feeling so much better, stronger...  
more energy and comfortable.

So in 4 days I am going back for my first one-on-one workout.  
This scares the shit out of me.  
But I want to have the trainer, Jennifer, show me what she thinks will help.  
I have never been a jump around kind of person.  
I like to have both feet on the floor.  
I have no coordination I swear.... 
but she is going to start me on more resistance and using my body as weights.  

After that I will start one of her classes and then once a month have another one-on-one.  
I still think the majority of the time I will be a walking-elliptical person.  
But I am open to try this.  
A few months ago I would have never thought I would be sharing this.  
But I am so much happier and healthier now.  
I am just more open to new things, so it may be for me... or not... but at least I gave it a shot.

If you don't hear from me all next week...  
you'll know I'm too sore to type!  
So today I leave you with a quote I think is so true...


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