Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Think Pink Along The Front Porch!

Hi there!
Hope you didn't float away in all the rain...
(Pictured is Nikko Blue Hydrangea, it is pink for us here.)
We are quite waterlogged here in Indiana.

I took these over the weekend to share with you.
Always love it when the front walk is all in pink blooms.
Hydrangea Serrata Preziosa is probably one of my very favorites.  
It has wonderful fall colors, its stems are dark burgundy 
and the blooms and leaves will darken as well. 
Here is a closeup of Serrata Preziosa.
Variegated Light 'O Day Hydrangeas are just starting to bloom in the middle. 
I love the white tips of their leaves.
Wine and Roses Weigela is a nice contrasting leaf.
The Japanese Maple add to the contrast.
Sedums and perennials will add to the color in a few weeks time.
But I love the lush greens and tones in this area.
This is more representative of how I want all my beds to mature.

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