Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Perfumed Garden, A Rose Garden Post

Yes, I finally have rose garden pics to share!
Actually I have taken a TON of pics for you!
It has been so rainy, I feel like I am behind in posts.
But today I wanted to share "The Perfumed Garden", the roses are in full flush.
And yes, I definitely am a gardener that stops and smells the roses.
Scent is important to me... I choose many of my roses just for the smells.
Beauties like Queen Elizabeth with a classic rose scent.
Bloom just inside my cottage fence and arbor.
A lovely pale yellow lily grows in a container, waiting to be planted in the garden.
A look from just outside the fence.
Strawberry Hill, an Austin rose is a new favorite.
She has a fruity scent... devine!
But with so many how can you choose which to love the most?
You just love them all...
Perennials and cottage annuals bloom just outside the fence.
Lots of blues, pinks and purples in this garden.
The pink roses on the arbor have already flushed, they will be back in no time.
A sedum seems happy in this old milk container.
I think I see a few babies popping out.

Wish you were here to see it in person and smell all the lovely scents!
I swear you can smell the roses from every corner of the house right now.

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Happy Gardening....Brooke

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  1. This mght sound silly to you but I have never thought of buying a rose based on scent. After your post I too will take time to stop and smell the roses! Your garden is lovely.

  2. I am in love with your garden and your view! It is Gorgeous!

  3. Nice to meet another passionate gardener! Yours are Beautiful!!!


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