Sunday, June 23, 2013

More of my Country-Style Wildflower Island...

Just a few pictures of the house and wildflower garden today...
I just love it when this area is full of color in early summer.
I will be posting many pictures of the hydrangeas in bloom here this week.
But these lovely natives have me enchanted today.
Yesterday I had a ladies group tour in the morning.
So glad they got to see so many things in bloom.
Today it has been cloudy and raining from time to time.
Yesterday we were able to swim most of the day.
I just love summers here at the lake.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!
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  1. Hi! first of all your home and gardens are gorgeous!!!! I just watched your creating a wildflower tutorial. I have never been on your blog before I am excited to find it. I am looking to start a wildflower garden and feel that your youtube tutorial is the only helpful one so far so I thought I'd ask for some advice. I am not sure where you live (it looks gorgeous), I live in New England MA. I am a new home owner and a beginner (no idea) gardener. I want to spread wildflower seed on a an embankment near my home. I weeded and raked it, lots of hard work, but if I can grow something that will help the local fauna I'll be happy.
    I am planting in now in July, I know it's foolish. My main concern is do I seed, stomp them in then lay the wood chips? Will the seeds germinate under wood chips? I know it's too hot to plant them, but i had to clean the weeds and figured okay lets plant something. Can you please advise? Or should I seed and water and leave the ground uncovered. Many people say that wildflowers will not come up if you cover them. Any help at all would help.
    thanks for posts


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