Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meet The Kittens....

For all of my Fur Baby Fans out there.... Meet my sweet boys...
Pumpkin... aka...Punk...aka Punky Pie with Extra Whipped Cream...
And Twink... Or Twinkie Boy.
Poor things, yes... those are some crazy names.
But they are beyond sweet.
They are from the same litter and are so happy together here in the garden.
They follow me around and sneak into pictures.
I am sure you'll be seeing much more of them this summer.

We actually have three kittens this year.
But my pretty girl Ivy Rose has been hard to photograph.

This is a really bad photo, but she is just beautiful in person.
Her belly is almost white and she is the softest kitten to pet.

But Ivy is a typical girl.. she is a diva and really only makes up to my daughter.
For the longest time she looked like a mouse running under your feet!

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