Saturday, June 15, 2013

Garden with a View...

One of the hardest areas of my garden to show you is the Butterfly Hill.
It is hard to appreciate the colors and get in all in perspective.
It is my biggest undertaking in gardening.
This steep of a hill has definate challenges.
But I love how it showcases the plants like a stage.
This is the view from the driveway...
This is from the rose garden side...
And this is from below... which most people do not see.
I have a bit of everything in this garden.
But everything has to be tough.  Full sun, too much drainage... you know how hills can be.
But each season if fills in more and looks better.
Especially with the grasses blowing in the wind.
And the butterlfies fluttering about.
So if you cannot find me.... look for me here.
Sitting on the bench looking out at the lake.
And enjoying a quiet morning in the garden.

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