Sunday, June 30, 2013

Diet Update... Five Months and -40 Pounds

One of my favorite things about reading blogs is the feeling that the writers are friends.
We share our homes, garden, pets and vacations...
So I have decided to open up and share my weightloss journey.

My husband and I made a decision to start losing weight Jan 20, 2013.
Since then he has lost over 30 pounds...
and as of this week I have lost 43...
So between us almost 75 pounds... GONE.

A little over 5 months ago...  
We threw out all the pastas, anything that came in a box, cereals... ect. 
 Low salt, almost no sugar, fresh veggies, eggs, lean meats on the grill.  
You know the drill.

All winter I used my elliptical for an hour a day.  
I did not start at an hour.   
At first I was good to do 15 minutes.  
But I put my music on and just did it.  
More every day.  
And the weight started to come off.  

Now I am challenging myself.  
I am back to a size I was very comfortable in after I had the girls.  
But I want to go past that.  
I want to see what is possible.  

I never saw myself as a skinny person. 
 I was very athletic in high school, very muscular from showing horses.  
I am lucky to say I am tall and well proportioned.  
If I am big, I am big all over... 
and so far when I lose, I lose all over.  

What I can say is the longer I have been at it the easier it is getting. 
 My body wants to be active.  
I have more energy and feel a bit stir crazy not moving.  
I garden of course, but I also walk and swim.  
I make myself do something outside an hour a day.  
I think of it as medicine. 

I weigh myself every day before I eat lunch.  
And I write down my measurements on my anniversary day each month.  
I have a journal like I teenager.  
But I can look back and see what size I was in March, April..ect.  
It helps keep me focused and accountable.

One thing I have not done is get a real physical. 
 I am doing that in two weeks.  
I want to see what my blood sugar is and other levels. 
 I was overweight for most of the last 10 years.  
I guess I am just curious, but wonder if something in my hormones might have been a little off.  
I am 40 and you know how your body changes with age.

Basically I feel like a completely different person.  
I look different, feel different.... everything in my closet is new.  
Not one thing from my old life still fits.  
I know by some standards I have a long way to go, 
but for me I am beyond my wildest dreams.

I have went from an 18+ to a size 12/14 regular.  
I have lost 6" in my chest, 8" in my waist and 10" in my hips.  
I am 75% of my old me.  And I feel 1000 times better.  
As of today I have lost 43 pounds. 
 I have a big goal of 65 pounds and 
I am giving myself two years to do it.  

I start with a personal trainer on July 10th. 
 I may chicken out 10 times before then.  
But if she can help me, it will be more than worth it.  
It is free as a benefit thru my husband's job.  
So I am silly not to use it.  

I sometimes feel funny putting my weight loss out on my blog.  
But I know everyone in every walk of life, man or woman, 
deals with issues about their bodies.  
I am making a very serious decision to make huge changes.  
I know it is a constant battle. 
 I may fail.  
But I am building a support team to pick me back up it I do and help me along.  
It is a journey.  
One I think I will remember for the rest of my life. 

Here is my 90 day before and after....
and here is my 150 day before and after....
In that photo I had just came back from my walk...
This is how I look most of the time now.
I am active, I wear no makeup and my tennis shoes... 
a tanktop and comfortable shorts is my summer uniform.
As well as a swimsuit.
I am in the lake 3-4 days a week.
I love to swim and it makes exercise fun.

I am in the now...  Up for things the girls want to do...
This week we are going to start playing tennis as a family.
I am making the time to enjoy my summer, my life, my family...
And I am feeling very blessed.

I wanted to share with you.
I am inspired by reading about others, 
so I hope you can take something from my story as well.

All my love....Brooke

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. I have made a few attempts at a weight loss/healthier lifestyle program, and am so very ready to really get rolling. I never had to diet, and worked out regularly for years, but @ 10 years ago, I let myself slip. Probably because my birds (2 sons) were flying from the nest. My partner and I work together and live together (he is a professional photographer), and unfortunately, our day consists of a lot of sitting, as we are slowly trying to phase ourselves out of the business but are still doing the accounting work for the company. Our plan is to sell the business within the next two years and begin another life dream of owning a wine shop in our little town. Anyway, I ramble, and you probably don't want to hear my life story (lol). Seeing the photographs of you and how far you've come in the past year, has really inspired me. So, thank you! Best wishes! Love to read your blog. . .

  2. I enjoyed reading about your journey, probably because I am on one myself. I have battled weight all my adult life, and I feel that most of the time I have lost the battle. In July of 2012 I came to a crisis. I realized that if I didn't do something about my weight I was going to be in a wheel chair. I was 75 years old and my body was giving out on me. After seeing my doctor I started on a diet. As of today, Nov. 1, 2013 I have lost 73 lbs. and I also feel like a new woman. I started refinishing furniture (which led me to your blog) and all my family and friends keep telling me I need to slow down. I just love being able to do mostly what I want to do. It is possible to win this battle, so anyone out there that has this problem, just keep working at it. It pays...........


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