Thursday, June 6, 2013

Can You Believe It? More Roses!

Don't say I haven't warned you... I've been taking a lot of pictures this week.
But with everything blooming... how can you blame me.
I am loving these blue skies after all the rain we have been getting.
Ane the roses are too!  This is First Prize... great name huh?
But what I also wanted to share is my 'Shogun' Jap. Irises!
They are taller than other irises and can stand tall with the roses.
I just love the purple contrast with all my pinks and whites.
This is Florence Nightingale, isn't she lovely.  
She is a new hybrid but looks like an antique rose.
She gets top honors as a good white rose from me.
The irises are past my waist, they are just stunning.
They match my bench, a happy surprise.
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