Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring Flush!! Arbor and Fence of the Rose Garden...

Just dropping in on this holiday weekend to share the roses in bloom!
This is one of those days you would like to freeze in time.
When almost every rose in your garden is blooming at once.
And the sky is a beautiful blue backdrop.
I hurried on my lunch hour and took these for you.
I am in awe at how many blooms there are this year.
I just walk in circles ooooohhhhhing and aaawwweeeeeing.
This is a good time to be a rose gardener.
You can smell them from all around the garden this week.
Actually, everything is just blooming at once.
Changing so fast from spring to summer like.
The roses in this garden are three years old this summer.
It is amazing how much they have grown and filled in.
There are over 60 roses in this garden alone... and about 125 in all my gardens.
I wish you could see them in person.  
I never think the pictures do them justice.
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  1. So beautiful! You inspire me to have a prettier backyard but I can't because of the silly deer! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden. Gina

  2. Love this so beautiful! Would love it if you came by One More Time and share it
    Hope you can make it... if not this week I host every Sunday...Hope you can make it some time.
    New follower Tammy


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