Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our last cold day? Maybe.....

 As I write this the rain is tapping against my window....
Dang cold and wet Spring....
These photos are more from last night... after another rain shower.
Today's high is only to be in the low 50's and chance of frost tonight.
I am hoping it will be our last cold night.... fingers crossed.

Here is more from the back of our house...
It is filling in nicely and has many Spring blooming shrubs to enjoy.
One of my favorites this week is the Mohawk Viburnum.
You can smell it from up on the deck even.
The daffodils are just about done, but a few are still bloomings.
Flowering Almond is a pretty light pink.  
The rain has beat off many of the blooms this year. 
My irises have blooms forming, can't wait to show them to you in a few weeks.
The containers all wintered nicely.
These have Annabelle Hydrangeas and dianthus pinks in them this year.
A willow is in the background.
Hollyhocks, crepe myrtle, daylilies, anemone, peony, irises.... you name it... filling in nicely.
Here you can see a bit of the Rose Garden... if you missed yesterday's post about it, you can find it HERE.

Again, I wish I had pictures with the sun out.... but it will be a few more days!
Happy Gardening....

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  1. Everything is looking so nice! Hope it warms up for you!

  2. Pretty flowering almond and during a cold spell the consolation of a fragrant viburnum. We are also cold this morning. Feels like 38° Crazy spring ups and downs. SOme down here are loving it, but not I.

  3. What a wonderful place and garden!!!
    Love it :-D
    At this time we have a beautiful sunny day here in the Netherlands with a temperature of 20.



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