Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cottage Garden Inspiration Tour - Part 3

This is the 3rd and final day of My Cottage Garden Tour.
Thanks so much for your lovely comments!
I am so glad you are enjoying it and inspired to get busy in your gardens.
If you missed the first two days they are HERE and HERE.

 Oh what a view... May in a  garden.
It does't get much better than this.
Everything is fresh and new and putting on its BEST show.
Case in point.... this Husker Red Pensetemon (the white blooms).
I use it in my gardens and love its sweet white spikes and dark foliage.
But unfortunately, it only blooms for about two weeks.
 But look farther into this lovely border and you will see it has a lot more to offer.
The lush planting offer different shapes, textures and bloom times making this a long season of interest.
Soon she will have daylilies and other perennials adding to the color show.
 I am glad to see she has incorporated some boxwoods and evergreens to these planting.
This is not a formal border, but it gives you shape and dimension as well as winter  interest. 
 By the main highway is mostly a perennial border again.
I love how she has used plants in long drifts leading you around the corners.
Most of the area around the house is garden, but this small patch of grass adds interest.
 It appears an inexpensive package of feverfew seed has been sprinkled among the hearty geraniums creating a wonderful mixed planting.  You can never go wrong with blue and whites together.
 Variegated Solomon's Seal, Pink Spireas and Oakleaf Hydrangea make a stunning combination among more hearty geranium and a few columbines.  The lush unkept feel of this area is charming and the size of the plants will make it relatively maintenance free.
 Purple Beebalm, Red Knockout Roses and another Oakleaf Hydrangea add to this side gardens charm.
Again a very simple assembly of well known perennials add interest and color.
A simple vine grown up a stone chimney is dramatic and beautiful. 
Here is the far side of the property.  It appears she is beginning a new area to the garden.
Soon it too will take on the lush feel of the property.
Gardens are always evolving.  As our the tastes of the gardeners.
The lesson I see in this Cottage Garden is a simple one.
Newer is not always better.
Costly is not always best.
Let your cottage garden grow and change...
for the best is always yet to come!

I hope you have enjoyed this lovely garden and this series.
Next week I will be writing about a different style garden...
A Rock Garden of a Vineyard!
You wont want to miss it!

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