Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cottage Garden Inspiration Tour - Part 2

Welcome to day two of my Cottage Garden Series.
If you missed the first day you can see it HERE.
Oh how I love the wild, free look of a cottage garden.
It all looks so easy doesn't it?
Just throw out some seed and watch it grow.
We'll, it is not quite that easy.  Though we wish it were.
A beautiful cottage garden takes some trial and error.
As you can see in this first image, plant placement is key.
The gardener has followed a staggered plan with taller plant in the back and 
lower growing near the walk.  
Interest is key.  The copper tub is magnificent near the front of the planting.  It would be lost closer to the house, but here it is center stage.  This also makes for easier watering for the annuals.
The large stone border adds a sense of history to this area,
although I do not believe this to be a historical garden, it gives the effect of one.
There is no room for weeds, or so it would seem.
Close plantings are beautiful and assist in weed prevention. 
Another wonderful vista and use of contrast and color.
The burgundy foliage in the far area of the garden draws the eye.
The spikes of the yucca plant add interest and drama.
I would not consider this plant for a cottage garden, but I enjoyed it in this placement.

Everything goes, and this is a good thing for us plant collectors!

A pop of yellow is a welcome addition.
A brief area of grass has a gentle curve.
This is a lovely example of simplicity and charm.
Along the walkway is a bit more rugged and grown up.
These plant need to be tough and stand up to passerby's.
Simple shrubs like spirea are more than ready for the challenge.
I of course am in love with the iron fencing.  
The peonies must be stunning in the spring here.
A lot of the plant material is repeated in this garden, but I do not think it takes anything away.
It is charming in it's simple design.  It makes me think it has evolved over time.
I hope all our gardens will look somewhat like this in the years to come.

We're not done yet!
Come back tomorrow for the final day of this lovely garden.

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