Monday, January 28, 2013

Beautiful Places - Little Nashville Indiana, Part 1

Southern Indiana is where we call home.
It is a beautiful place to live.
One thing I wanted to share with all of my readers is.... 
how many beautiful garden
destinations we have here close to home to enjoy!

So today I have a special treat for you...
(This is the first of 2-3 posts in a new series!)

Nashville is about an hour and half drive from our home.  
It is close, but still a special trip when we visit.
The visit these photos came from was May of last year.
My husband and I went to celebrate our anniversary.
You see, Little Nashville is a special place to us because
it is where we got engaged.  Sort of, we went there the next day.
So several times we have visited to celebrate.
At least I think so, my hubby probably comes for the food! 
A few years ago we visited and I was a bit disappointed.
Some of the shops I enjoyed were gone 
and I did not think it was as good as it once was.
So when we went last May I was so happy to see several new 
shops have opened and they were better than before!
I am in love with these garden themed places.  
I am happy to say we are planning another trip for my 40th birthday in March.
I did not take any pictures of inside the shops, but they we just darling.
As if I needed to say.... I want one of EVERYTHING!
But these pillows and quilts are just beyond beautiful. 
I decorate my porch with quilts and wow.... this makes me want to add more.
I am on the look out for new colors for the porch.  I have had mine in 
red, white and blue for years.... but this makes me want to do more color.
~~~~~LOVE IT~~~~~
As you can see, they don't take it too seriously.
It is about having fun.
Strolling around, finding treasures, good food...
and someone to enjoy it with.

Even if he does tell you not to buy things.
I still love you honey....
But I may go back to visit without you!

Come back again tomorrow.
(See next post HERE)
I got lots more to share!

For more info visit the Little Nashville Site found HERE.

God Bless---

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