Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Days in the sun…

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Since school is out things are a bit different here at the lake…

No early morning alarms ringing….
No 10 pm bedtimes….
There has been lots of sunny days….
Playing in the garden….
Oh wait!  That was me….

The girls have been watching tv and playing video games… lol!
But we have been enjoying some beautiful weather here in Southern Indiana.
We even got a bit of rain, not too much, but every little bit helps.
But cooler weather for sure.
Making me want to be outside, not cooking or cleaning… or anything productive.

I feel like I am on summer vacation too!
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Happy Gardening….Brooke
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Lowes Creative Ideas May Project–How to Plant A Fairy Rose Container Garden

Hello again, thanks for joining me in my Lowe’s Creative Ideas Garden Club May Challenge “Contain It!”  This is post #2 on my project, please see the first post here.
Here you can see my container before, it was holding an evergreen waiting to be planted.  It was fine, but not fancy by any means.  I emptied it out and replaced with new garden soil and compost.
First thing first placing the large tree rose in place.  I would have been happy with just that…. it is soooo pretty!
Then for a nice filler and winter interest I added part of my ivy near the trunk of the rose.
Then in opposite corners I added my two perennials, a dianthus and a verbena.
Then in the other opposite corners I added more ivy.
Then I filled in the empty spots with my annuals.
Then I made sure and filled in all the areas with soil and there were no air pockets to dry out.  Don’t forget to add some fertilizer to your containers.
Then I did the best part I added the angel and mulched it for a top dressing to keep the plants moist and cool.  Then give it a good long drink!
I am so happy with how my project turned out.  I think it is a good refection of my gardening style and something I can enjoy for a long time.  Please revisit my previous post for more information on the plants used and the costs of doing this project sponsored by Lowes Creative Ideas.
Take the time to visit Lowe’s and see what's blooming, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!
Don't forget to check out the Lowes Creative Ideas Blog and Facebook Page. They now even have an account on Pinterest!
Happy Gardening…Brooke
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