Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day After Christmas BLIZZARD!

Burr.... Baby it'd cold outside!

We woke up to this.... about 10 inches of snow by noon.  

All the roads are closed.
And strong winds make drifts dangerous...
But for the girls it is a SNOW DAY!
Time for sledding down the hills...
And for Miley to wear her new Christmas present... a puppy coat!
She absolutely hated it!  The girls dragged her around for a few minutes...
Then they finally gave in and gave her back to me.  She had to snuggle in a blanket on the couch.  Can you tell she is spoiled?

But as you can see...  Scooby our great dane loves it!
Here he is with my hubby on the tractor clearing the road.
Speaking of daddy.... here is the boy he's always wanted!  Lol.... just wait in a few years when she starts dating!  I'm gonna keep this one where I can find it!  My pretty little redneck!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear friends!
Stay safe!


  1. My dogs are pansies about their feet getting cold. I bought them rubber PAWZ. They work really well.

  2. Oh, the joy of playing in the snow, then coming inside and warming up! What a perfect thing for Christmas break!

  3. My goodness, that is a whole lot of snow.

  4. You got more snow than we did for certain Brooke. Well it makes fro a fun Christmas vacation.My puppy needs a coat like that. His does not cover his belly and that is where he needs it. LOL! Blessings in the New Year ahead.


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