Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miley Turns 1... (Puppy Love)

My little girl turns a year old on Thanksgiving... 
It seems like yesterday I was sharing sweet puppy pictures with you!
Here is a look back at her first year with us....
8 weeks.... (Welcome to the Family)

12 weeks (My Little Valentine)

Four Months (with her girls)

Six Months (My Garden Helper)

9 Months (Happy Camper)

A year old already!

Miley is a Boston Terrier and Jack Russell mix.  She was basically a rescue pup.  I answered an add in the paper for free puppies and brought home this tiny little girl with fleas, scabs on her head and she stunk to high heaven.  But I fell in love with that face.  She knows she has it good here.  The girls and I take turns sleeping with her, she loves to travel and I take her often on errands around town.  She spent many an evening camping with us this summer and gardening with me all day.  She is 21 pounds of pure love.

She is one lucky dog for sure..... and I count her as one of my blessings.
So it just makes sense her first birthday is on THANKSGIVING!

Thanks so much for stopping by and God Bless....

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  1. cute little pup ... I know he loves your garden! Happy birthday Miley!


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