Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Now the Mom of a Teenager...

Hello dear friends and new readers.  I have a special post for you today.  I am happy to say, I am now the mom of a teenage girl.  And so far, it's going really well.  Lol...
Oh don't get me wrong, she has her moments...  But she is one in a million.  Actually, she has been acting and looking like a teenager for so long, we thought we already had one.  But in the early morning at 2:45 she will be one for sure.
We have two wonderful daughters.  We laugh and say they both should have been only children.  Typical sisters.... it's a love hate relationship.  They are two and a half years apart, she will be 11 in April.
My now teenager is an honor roll and accelerated studies student.  Fantastic Tennis and Golfer.  Avid Reader and my TV watching buddy.  She is wise beyond her years and wants so hard to grow up too fast.  She is quiet and loves to go off reading a book.  She loves our animals and can be found on the porch swing with a dog or cat snuggled up next to her.
 Little sister is part glamour girl and part sporty girl.  She plays in the dirt and loves bright blingy outfits.  She might have got that from her mother.  She drives her sister crazy just for fun.  She too loves the cats and dogs.  She is the one who would be like her momma and a horse girl if given the opportunity.  We call her "Dr Doolittle"---  I have never seen an animal not love her instantly.
Both of the girls are country girls.  They ride four-wheelers and swim in the mud here at the lake.  They climb rocks and explore.  Both our girls love to cook and help out in the kitchen.  I am training them right to take over for Mom!  ;)

My husband and I are amazed at how different.  How wonderfully special our girls are.  We're just sitting back and watching them grow up into young women from these sweet little girls.  

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  1. Happy birthday to your daughter. You are both in for wonderful years ahead.


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