Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Perfect Old Fashioned Antique Rose....

Today I am featuring a very old rose called 'Coquette Des Blanches'.
If you have came to the house for a garden tour, it is the rose I can never think of the name of.
 Not that you could just go and find this one, it is not regularly found in garden centers.
 But believe to or not I got it as a bag rose about five years ago.
It is called a Hybrid Noisette Rose. It is classified as a Bourbon from 1871.
There are a few places online that do still carry it.
But I am over the moon happy to grow such a beautiful old, repeat blooming rose.
The soft pink color blends beautifully with the front walk colors.
And the delicate blooms are nearly as tall as I am, making them easy to smell and admire.
I grow several antique roses in my gardens.
But this is hands down the best performer and easiest of them. 
I wish it had a stronger scent, but it makes up for it in blooms.
Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Gardening!

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