Sunday, August 19, 2012

Roses Will Bloom Again....

I planted a little rose bush...
and tended it with care.
It's buds began to blossom...
Their fragrance filled the air.
But when winter came it withered.
The petals fell to the ground.
My heart sank as it faded - but I forgot who had made it....
Roses will bloom again, just wait and see.
Don't mourn what might have been,
Only God knows why and when, but roses will bloom again!

These are the verses to a song a friend sang in church this morning. I thought it was so true and touching in our own lives.  I have so many readers comment that reading about the garden is uplifting, and I know that life has ups and downs.  But I wanted to share this with you today and let you know that I appreciate your friendships and love.

So here is the song from YouTube and intro about how it has impacted others.
Please enjoy it and God Bless!

"Cultivate the garden within."


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